The use of vitamin c serum for acne prone face, is generally very important to use regularly in order to relieve the acne inflammation that you experience. In fact, this vitamin C serum is also widely claimed by reviewers as one of the ways to brighten facial skin, maintain skin health and delay the signs of premature aging.

In order for you to better understand about the benefits provided by the vitamin C serum that is widely sold in the market, Marsha Beauty will provide a complete explanation below.

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Various benefits of vitamin c serum for acne prone face

Generally, a person who uses vitamin C serum regularly, will get a variety of important benefits from the performance of the serum as follows.

  • Can stimulate collagen production

vitamin C serum for acne prone face

You need to know that the skin needs collagen to stay strong and elastic. By using vitamin C serum that is applied to the skin, this is what can later stimulate more optimal collagen production. So, the skin will remain firm, youthful and smooth.

  • Able to brighten skin color

vitamin C serum for acne prone face

The presence of vitamin C in serum products can generally inhibit the formation of melanin (dark pigment) in the facial skin. Therefore, by applying vitamin C serum regularly, this is what will help to fade blackheads on the skin. So, facial skin will look brighter and radiant.

  • Can reduce redness on facial skin

vitamin C serum for acne prone face

Another benefit of using vitamin C serum for the skin is that it can reduce the symptoms of redness on the face that occur due to certain irritations or allergies. In fact, this serum is also believed to reduce redness on the skin to create a more even complexion.

  • Claimed to solve the problem of hyperpigmentation

vitamin C serum for acne prone face

Generally, iperpigmentation is a skin problem characterized by melasma, blackheads due to age and black spots from acne scars. With the vitamin c serum for acne prone face, it can solve these skin problems easily and quickly. 

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Tips for Choosing the Right Vitamin C Serum for Acne Face

vitamin C serum for acne prone face

Of the many benefits provided by the vitamin C serum above, you also need to know the selection of the right facial serum so as not to cause side effects. The ways you can do in the selection of vitamin C serum to treat acne include the following:

  • Note the content of vitamin C and other ingredients 

The first tip you should know when buying vitamin C serum products is to pay attention to the content of vitamin C and other ingredients in its manufacture. In this case, make sure you choose a serum that has an effective performance for facial skin.

  • Observe the concentration of materials used 

Paying attention to the concentration levels of serum vitamin C is also important to do. Make sure you choose a vitamin C serum product that has a concentration in the range of 10-20% so as not to cause symptoms of irritation or allergies to the facial skin. You can choose to use serums such as Charlotte Kay Vitamin C Serum, Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C Dark Spot Serum, Hanasui Yellow Vitamin C Serum and other products.

  • Considerations in terms of finishing 

In general, vitamin C facial serums that are widely sold in the market are packaged in dark or opaque colored glass bottles. This packaging is intended to protect it from sun exposure and not degrade the serum vitamin C in it. Besides, you also need to keep it in a cool place too yes, Marshalova.

So, those are some of the important benefits of using vitamin c serum for acne prone face as well as the right selection method on the market so as not to cause irritation to the facial skin. Hopefully useful.

By Drajad