Offer Wide Range Education, 3 Top International School Jakarta Parents Should Consider!

Having a thorough education and wide range of learning makes one school more capable of providing the learning education. To achieve that goal, the popularity of the international school Jakarta comes along with its fantastic offers, facilities, and options in its learning approach. But what exactly is the best school that can provide those factors? Here are some of them.

Top Schools With International Education

  1. Global Sevilla International School

Having its pledge to provide the best education for K12, the institution brought out its best education from kindergarten level to secondary level. The academic also not only focus on the result but also personal development. The school understands that the ability to communicate, cooperate, respect, morality, and adaptability help the student’s growth.

Along with the thorough education, Global Sevilla also stands out as a place that focuses on character building. It highlights the reasons why the school also teaches values, something that every child needs to learn and implement during their life. As an international school Jakarta, Global Sevilla is also proud of its international standard education with IEYC, IPC, and Cambridge curricula.

  1. British School Jakarta

BSJ comes as one of the most experienced educators in Jakarta. The institution was founded in 1974 and has its British heritage, education, and culture. BSJ has a wide range of education from its academic years, starting from pre-school to secondary school. Students, the age of 3 to 18 can learn with their advanced education.

For many reasons, the curriculums are in the best interest of the school. It contains IPC or international primary curriculum and an English National curriculum. To complete its education, the school also has IB or International Baccalaureate (IB) which is the 13th year of education. It is a challenging 2 years diploma education available for students aged 18.

  1. ACG School Jakarta

ACG international school Jakarta is also available from preschool to year 13 education. As a school with an international goal, the campus came out with varying curricula and offers. It includes the Diploma program and IPO primary years programs. There are also supporting programs, composing education learning for all years level.

Global Sevilla provides a wide range of education from kindergarten level to secondary school. To make it better, each also has its designated curriculum to support the different needs. And to support everything, the school employs varying approaches to fully develop children’s potential. Global Sevilla is not only about ranking but also character, which is why it is a very best pick parents should never miss.